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Integrate DocuSign with cordova ionic application

Many applications required signatures on PDF documents. DocuSign is one of the great platforms to add digital signatures on PDF documents.

Here, I will show you how you can integrate the DocuSign platform with your Cordova based application. 


As you know DocuSign is a very populater electronically signed document sharing platform across the world. Every organizations are using it rapidly. They have several plans for an enterprise applications . But, today, I am gonna tell you about a simple way to integrate DocuSign to your cordova based ionic application. Now I have made the plugin for iOS platform, but you can create it for Android as well. 

For more information about DocuSign, you can visit their website for more details abut plans, free sandbox etc. 

The DocuSign plugin adds, build, and impediments that I have faced are well demonstrated in my YouTube video. Please check this out to get more details.

Let's start, to create a Cordova-based plugin and add it to an ionic application. Before that, hope you have a DocuSign account, if not, please create one from here. You will need it later.

Step 1: Create a Cordova plugin, guidelines are written here. (DocuSign Plugin source code path I have mentioned it below)

Step 2: Create a Cordova-based ionic application.

Step 3: Add the cordova-docusign-plugin to your ionic application.

Step 4: Add the iOS platform to your ionic application

Step 5: Run the application on an iOS device.  

login screen docusign

all document list docusign

loading docusign documents

show pdf and sign on it docusign

signature added docusign

draw your signature docusign

ionic component to enable the DocuSign plugin - 

window.docuSign.launchDocuSignSDK(`${},${formValue.password},sample`, (message) => {

console.log('DocuSign launch Successfully: ', message);

}, (error) => {

console.log('Error on loading plugin: ', error);



You can find the complete code from this URL - GitHub - cordova-plugin-docusign


Happy Coding!

- Lazy Panda Tech